Monday, September 27, 2010

Flashing T Shirt

Get the original light-up disco experience with our Flashing T Shirts. These nifty Flashing T-Shirts combine an Electro Luminescence Graphic Equalizer display with fresh new designs. The graphic equalizer responds to the music around you, jumping in time to your beats. Whether you choose the old-school TQ Original or the laid back TQ Hemp Leaf; these shirts light up your night for the world to see.

Electro Luminescence is the safest, most durable way to light-up wearable technology. Our ultra-light panels are bright, colorful and won't let you down. You can even adjust the display for your unique musical taste. Take the party with you with our original Equalizer collection. With new designs arriving all the time, only Flash Wear can bring you the high-tech club wear that you deserve. That looks super cool and just as funky.

The flashing panels are powered by 4 AAA size batteries, a volume control knob is provided on the battery pack to control the sensitivity of the flashing sequence in response to the surrounding sound. The battery pack can be hooked on the belt. So just switch it ON and let the flashes make you stand out of the crowd.

Imagine you wearing this t shirt and a crowd of nearly hundred people watching this T Shirt that dance to the tune of music. you will be no doubt a centre of attraction and I promise that this Flashing T shirt is enough to mesmerise the crowd near you. imagine people from various walk of life coming to you and asking you the make & origin of this t shirt, wow! definitely you will be on cloud nine. I promise these nifty t shirts will capture the imagination of crowd including your friends & neighbours what else you want.Yes ! these t shirt will put you above rest and you will be known as the one who started the trend of this t shirt so why wait, So Hurry and grap your pcs now.

The Flashing panel is attached to the t shirt surface by Velcro, so it can easily remove while washing. Non shrinkable, no colour fade, cotton material, free size, comfortable to wear and comes with warranty.

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